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Chicken N Pickle

A winning team that is serving an amazing experience on and off the court.

Chicken N Pickle opened its first location in North Kansas City then started to expand to different markets many years after it perfected the business model but its story is an unlikely one.
An entrepreneur who lived in Kansas City spent time in the Phoenix area from time to time. Some friends of his would play this game called Pickleball and so he started to play while in the Arizona area. He was hooked.  Some much so he wanted to bring an idea he had to Kansas City.  Turn the game pickleball into a social entertainment area serving drinks and food. The food part would come from his passion for Jamaican Jerk Chicken he had in his travels to Jamaica. Thus the concept Chicken N Pickle was born.
Leap has been helping Chicken N Pickle as they scale their concept outside of Kansas City. We first focused on the redesign of the current furniture specs to meet the company’s needs with different concept types. Our expertise and combined vision allowed us to provide solutions that went beyond furniture and have been able to handle logistics, coordination and installation of each location.


I offer my highest recommendation for Leap. Their exceptional services have consistently exceeded our expectations. Their commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction is truly commendable.

Christopher Johnson, Director of Supply Chain and Facilities Chicken N Pickle

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