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Our mission here at Leap is to help fulfill your journey and we aim to be a small part of it, in a meaningful, positive way.

We were founded in 2006 with a focus on restaurants and bars. But today, we offer a wide range of products & services to hotels, casinos, retail stores, offices and education or health facilities. Our entrepreneurs, consultants and advisors know what it takes to thrive in the most competitive industries.

When you choose Leap, you can rest easy knowing that you have a partner committed to helping your business take that next leap forward.

We pride ourselves on unparalleled knowledge of a wide range of industries and total focus on the success of our clients. Each team member, vendor, client, or strategic partner has their own personal journey. Whether it’s scaling your concept nationally, developing budgets, laying out your floor plan, or just getting that one table base to you on time.   It’s our mission to help fulfill that journey.

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Our team has decades of experience in the industries we are passionate about. We pride ourselves on unparalleled knowledge and total focus on the success of our clients. Meet our team and drop us a line — we’d love to help your business take that next leap forward.

Four primary Core Values define who we are to each other, our clients, partners and vendors.

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  • Pat Phelan
    Founder, Chief Executive Officer
    Pat Phelan
    Founder, Chief Executive Officer 816-368-2857

    Pat is an entrepreneur, visionary and strategic thinker in the world of hospitality. He has raised more than $100M in private equity for various hospitality projects, supplied and manufactured over $200M in hospitality furniture and recruited hundreds of talented people for some of the top food and beverage brands. Pat received his Bachelor's in Business from the University of Missouri- Columbia and his MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management. Pat was named as one of the National Restaurant News 2018 top 75 Power CEO's in hospitality. Pat is also an Amazon Best Selling Author for his book Leaping Forward: Finding Your Purpose and Journey as an Entrepreneur. Leap was named one of Kansas City's top 100 growing companies in 2018, 2019, and 2020 by Ingram's Magazine.

    I am a golf hack who loves to play new courses whenever I travel, however I am still waiting for the elusive hole in one. I once exterminated Jimmy Buffet’s Key West home, shook the hand of President George H W Bush on the White House lawn, chatted with Vince Vaughn in a vestibule at Disneyland, and hung out with Dick Vitale at a First Watch in Florida.

  • Scott Genter
    Head of Online Sales & Strategy
    Scott Genter
    Head of Online Sales & Strategy 816-368-5820

    Scott’s career has been one of new challenges and entrepreneurial roles. After attending the University of Kansas, early experience in marketing and finance led to a senior marketing position with a national company. A long time interest in real estate took Scott in a new direction where he eventually rose to become the director of a commercial real estate development firm, where he oversaw large development projects in Kansas City and Denver. Scott is also the owner of several iconic restaurants and bars in Kansas City. His friendship with Leap Companies founder, Pat Phelan, has brought the two men together to partner on an exciting new endeavor, Leapfurniture.com

    My wife, son, and I enjoy traveling to new destinations and unique spots. Our recent adventures have taken us to Chicago for a Cub’s game at Wrigley Field, Washington DC to see a myriad of our country’s historic sites, San Francisco and Napa Valley for wine (no 10 yr old on that trip!), Beaver Lake Arkansas for camping, Hawaii, Florida, and more! We also love to get out for a game at our team’s ballpark, stadium, or fieldhouse.

  • Jon Bremer
    Director FF&E National Accounts
    Jon Bremer
    Director FF&E National Accounts 816-256-8529

    Jon joined Leap in 2013 to help grow the FF&E division. Since then, Jon has managed the production, delivery, and installation of furniture and equipment for over 300 new restaurant openings for customers across the country. From the start of a new project to the final installation, Jon works directly with both the client and contractor to make sure timelines and expectations are met and exceeded. You know you are in good hands when Jon is on the job! Prior to joining Leap, Jon spent over 15 years in the medical equipment industry where he was a highly successful sales rep and won numerous sales awards and industry recognition during that time.

    Some of my favorite past times include traveling to warm tropical places with my family and enjoying beautiful beach destinations. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking BBQ and spending quality time with friends and family practicing new cooking techniques on my custom smokers. I’m also involved with a competition BBQ team and have competed in the American Royal-World Series of BBQ competition for over 20+ years.

  • Mark Milazzo
    Sr. Business Development Manager FF&E
    Mark Milazzo
    Sr. Business Development Manager FF&E 816-841-1348

    Mark joined in 2020, as a Sr. Business Development Manager. He has a unique background spanning sales & management experience within retail & hospitality for 30+ years. Having worked for factories in the USA, Canada, Vietnam and Asia and I have managed successfully, sales rep organizations across the North American market.

    Art has always been a passion of mine, in early 2020 I began to work diligently with “collage”, analog collage, cut paper/mixed media and have been curated by a few collage organizations worldwide in a short amount of time. I have also exhibited (virtually) within Argentina and I have even been asked to discuss collage with 7th & 8th graders from my son’s school. An honor to say the least but if you love something, it shows in your work.

  • Andrea Brillembourg
    Director of Operations
    Andrea Brillembourg
    Director of Operations 816-479-5259

    As the current Director of Operations at Leap, Andrea brings a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for fostering cross-cultural collaboration. Her journey with the company began over two years ago when she joined as a Project Coordinator.

    Andrea has honed her expertise while serving executives in diverse sectors, including hospitality, legal, and finance. Her military background has afforded her the opportunity to travel the globe, where she has cultivated meaningful relationships with individuals from various cultures and backgrounds. Fluent in both Spanish and English, Andrea has set her sights on mastering the Japanese language as her next personal challenge.

    Andrea holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Florida Atlantic University, where she laid the foundation for her academic journey. Her dedication to excellence led her to graduate summa cum laude from Florida International University as a certified paralegal in 2015.

    But it's not just her credentials that set Andrea apart. With her caring demeanor and unwaveringly positive attitude, Andrea embodies the essence of a team player. She consistently goes above and beyond to support her colleagues, contributing to the overall well-being of the group. Andrea is a relentless advocate for empowering her team and consistently exceeding her clients' expectations.

    In her current role as Director of Operations, Andrea is committed to achieving new heights of excellence. She combines her extensive experience with her genuine enthusiasm for collaboration to drive innovation and foster a culture of success within the organization. Andrea's professional journey is a testament to her dedication, and her personal touch makes her an invaluable asset to any team.

    I'm an avid traveler and foodie. I love meeting people from all around the world. Sharing life stories with folks from all walks of life feeds my soul. In 2022, our lives were forever changed with the arrival of our precious baby girl, bringing immeasurable joy and beauty to our world. Things I LOVE: my family, traveling, tennis, horseback riding, skiing, roller coasters, wine, Japanese anime, and World of Warcraft.

  • Darrin Lygrisse
    Sr. Project Manager, Large Scale Entertainment
    Darrin Lygrisse
    Sr. Project Manager, Large Scale Entertainment 816-768-0142

    Darrin has extensive experience in the hospitality industry, which he has been working in for over 35 years. This includes numerous restaurants and private clubs, everything from fast food to fine dining. As the Director of Systems and Vice President of Business Operations for a local restaurant management company, Darrin has spent the bulk of his career in project management, systems, technology, and finances. He procured, implemented, and managed a variety of programs including point of sale, enterprise management, guest loyalty, audio visual, budgeting, financial analysis, and payroll.

    Darrin has also helped open approximately 20 restaurants during his career, with a focus on spear-heading FF&E and design and layout. Darrin considers himself an expert in budgeting and financial analysis for the hospitality industry and is an excellent problem solver. He received a degree from Friends University in Business Administration with a minor in management and has been involved in the GKCRA and the Kansas Restaurant Association.

    I enjoy a good walk every morning with good friends and happy canines. Playing golf is my passion, but unfortunately my skill does not equal my passion, but it’s all about who you play with anyway, right? My quest is to cook “perfect steak” for myself and my wife while listening to some good music while watching the sun set.

  • Cristina Bingham
    Project Manager - National Accounts
    Cristina Bingham
    Project Manager - National Accounts 816-479-5759

    With a career that started at a young age, I've always been drawn to leadership roles. I began my professional journey in management early on, where I quickly learned to adapt to various industries and environments with ease. My expertise lies in project management for both residential and commercial projects, where I thrive in organized and structured environments. I'm a natural planner, and I have a deep love for building and following efficient processes to achieve outstanding results. My commitment to excellence and a proven track record in managing diverse projects make me a valuable asset in any team or organization.

    My family and I are passionate travelers who love exploring new cultures and savoring the flavors of different cuisines. My love for coffee and espresso is unparalleled, and I enjoy the perfect cup. Family is everything to me, and our dog Zara is an integral part of our lives. When we aren’t on the road, you can find me indulging in DIY projects or engaging in fun game nights with my loved ones. Life's all about savoring new experiences and making memories with the people I cherish most.

  • Michael Werner
    Director of Hospitality
    Michael Werner
    Director of Hospitality 913-991-6149

    Michael and has been a leader of our design & hospitality division, since 2006. His approach & perspective coupled with his chameleon-like abilities have allowed him to navigate challenging & complex projects successfully for our clients over the years. He has brought his expertise & leadership to companies and concepts from inception to development through multi-unit growth.

    Whether operating as an owner agent, supporting a professional design, or development team accessing or developing food & beverage concepts - Michael has a long standing track record of success. His expertise spans foodservice design & development, FF&E specification, on-premise management, business support, menu development, staffing, training, and more.

    I was classically trained in culinary arts and love great wine. Moreover, entertaining with friends & family. For fun, I love to learn & prepare traditional food & drinks from other countries & cultures - As a result, I have more cookware, kitchen accoutrements than one person should be allowed and a well stocked bar to boot!

Getting the business knowledge you want and the mentorship you need in order to take the leap into entrepreneurship. In this book, Our founder, Pat Phelan, shares his learning lessons during his journey building Leap.